Odessa Film studio wants to remake its famous movies

Odessa Film studio selected the scripts for the remakes of its best movies. It is expected that the film studio will remake the famous movies: “Charodei”, “Green van”, “Release of Odessa” and “The Adventures of Elektronik”. In the framework of the project “History - the New View” the film studio has already announced a competition among the scenarios.

“The winners of the contest will be awarded with a badge of honor of the Odessa Film studio and with a cash bonus for each idea. The contracts granting exclusive rights for screen adaptation of the films will also be signed with the winners,” the chairman of the board of PJSC "Odessa Film Studio" Andrey Zverev said.

The admission of materials to the contest will begin on December 1, 2013, and will run till March 1, 2014. The results of the contest will be announced on April 1 of the next year.  The ceremony of announcement of the winners will take place in the beginning of May 2014 in the art center named after Vera Kholodna located on the territory of the Odessa Film studios.

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