On Wednesday Lviv is supporting Russian

On February 26, Wednesday, a rally in support of Russian language held in Lviv. Residents of the city will speak Russian in solidarity with the East and South of Ukraine.


Lviv intellectuals uploaded a letter of “26 February I, Lviv, I speak English” in social networks. The letter became hugely popular among Internet users, who, borrowed it from the pages of their friends and placed on theirs ones, commenting: “Well done, support”, “Respect you guys”, “Respect! What a People!!!” and so on.


And here is an extract from the letter: “We are against the persecution of people because of the place of residence or the language of communication, because it can be used only by enemies of Ukraine. We demand that the Verkhovna Rada, the newly appointed members of the government and the acting President of Ukraine to pursue a balanced cultural and language policy”.


The authors of the letter stressed the veneration of the culture and language of all ethnic groups and national minorities of the East and South of Ukraine, they did not feel strangers in the country.


Activists condemned the division by the country's leadership into the citizens of Ukraine of the different «classes». They believed that could be done to carry out the escalation of national enmity.


The document was signed by Yuri Shukhevych (the son of the commander of the Ukrainian insurgent army Roman Shukhevych), Igor Kalinets, Myroslav Marynovych, Ivan Vakarchuk, Roman Ivanychuk, Taras Vozniak, Antin Borkovskiy, Zvenislava Kalinets, Natalya Ivanchuk.


Recall, previously well-known Lviv publishing company for the first time of its existence, pledged to release next book in the Russian language as a support to the Russian-speaking population.

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