The band "Mumiy Troll" will cease its existence after the New Year's Day

 The leader of the group "Mumiy Troll" Ilya Lagutenko stated that their concerts in December of this year would be the last concerts in the history of the group. Lagutenko will continue his music career, but separately from the current band.

"With our concerts in December, we are finishing the 16-year-old history of the tours of of the band "Mumiy Troll", which you have known for years. When you become16, finish school, and it is time to get a passport and to consider entering the university.  I am sure that my sailing the music oceans is not over, but, obviously, will continue on another boat! And it is high time to go back to the port of registration!" the artist said.

The final concert of the tour in support of the last album of "Mumiy Troll" named "SOS to the sailor" will be given on December 13, in the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. The band "Sansara" and the soloist of "RunRunRun" Xander Smitht will be on stage together with the musicians.

Before the final concert in St. Petersburg the band will give 4 concerts in Ukraine, including the concert in Kiev on November 23.

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