Kharkov dwellers commemorated the memory of the victims of Holodomor

Several mourning activities took place on the Day of victims of Holodomor in Kharkov. Kharkov dwellers and the guests of the city honored the memory of the perished.

The clergymen of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate) (UOC (KP)) held a mourning prayer near the Memorial in the Okruzhnaya Street. People gathered at the memorial commemorated the perished people with the rye bread; they lit the icon-lamps, and honored the memory of the victims with flowers and baskets with snowball tree. The representatives of the Kharkov regional organization "The Ukrainian Union "Batkivshchuna", of Charitable Fund "Renaissance", and of public organizations took part in the activity.

The mourning procession, which was attended by Kharkov dwellers, the representatives of the political parties and of public organizations, moved from the Constitution Square to the Cross for the victims of Holodomor in the Park of youth. Near the Cross priests of the UOC (KP) served for the dead. The representatives of the Kharkov City Council and Kharkov Regional State Administration put flowers to the memorial, and to two mass graves in the memorial park.

The activists of the Kharkov city organization "Molodue Regionu" and city dwellers held the activity "Light a candle" on the Square of Liberty. About three hundred people stood up in the form of a cross with lighted candles in their hands and commemorated the memory of the victims of Holodomor observing a minute of silence. After this the participants of the activity left the candles burn on earth.

In addition, in the live broadcast of the Kharkov regional state television and radio broadcasting company the three hour telethon dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Holodomor of 1932-1933 took place.

For information: the Day of victims of Holodomor is the annual national Remembrance Day in Ukraine, which is observed on the fourth Saturday of November.

In 2006 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recognized Holodomor of 1932-1933 a genocide of the Ukrainian people. As a result of Holodomor in 1932-1933, according to different data, from 3 to 7 million people died. In Ukraine two more Holodomors took place in 1921-1923 and in 1946-1947.

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