Metalist FC exists and operates in normal mode - the management

A statement of the Kharkov FC Metalist management placed on the official website of the club notes that the team financing will not stop despite the difficult situation in Ukraine. Club representatives call on the fans to remain calm and resist the panic that spread after some media publications.

Metalist FC lives and works in normal mode. The club's management is doing everything to ensure the necessary conditions for team’s preparation to resumption of the championship. Were the Premier League and FFU to decide on March 1 to hold the match between Metalist and Zarya, we are ready to hold it,” reads the statement.

Earlier, Metalist head coach Miron Markevich said that the club staff haven’t received their wages for three months and submitted his resignation. First vice-president of Metalist FC Sergei Volik reported that the club accepted the Markevich’s resignation. Until the end of the season, the team will be led by Igor Rakhaev.

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