Kharkov Regional State Administration resumed normal operations

Kharkov Regional State Administration remains under the control of protesters. However, all employees of the Administration went to work and are going about their business. “All services work as usual. The building is clean and tidy. Everybody can see this for themselves,” inform the activists.

Valentin Dulub, First Deputy Chair of Kharkov Regional State Administration, installed by Mikhail Dobkin as the governor, said that all critical infrastructure of Kharkov region operating normally. “I was, am and will be responsible for life necessities of the Kharkov region. All boiler houses are in working order. Everything related to the water supply is also under control. No emergencies should be expected. All public utilities run around the clock control centers,” stressed Dulub.

Activists of EuroMaidan, the “Right Sector” and Metalist FC ultras seized the building of Kharkov Regional State Administration on February 22. They say they will be there until Mikhail Dobkin resigns as governor.

Chair of Kharkov Regional State Administration said on February 24 that he is not going to submit a letter of resignation and appointed Valentin Dulub as acting governor.

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