Lvov authorities may demolish Soviet-era monuments

Lvov authorities want to demolish Soviet-era monuments; Commission against communist ideology at Lvov regional council have already started compiling the “blacklist”. Oleg Pankevich Regional Council Deputy from “Freedom” party proposes to allocate UAH 300,000 for compiling the list and “investigating crimes of the communist regime”.

One of candidates for demolition is Lvov monument to Soldier-Liberator, a part of the Monument to the Glory at the entrance to a local park, says the Commission chair Larissa Fedoriv. “Monument to the Russian commander Kutuzov in Brody looks inappropriate, perhaps it should be sent back to Russia. We won’t touch war graves, only sculptures. This will be the second Nuremberg, Lvov type,” said Fedoriv to the “Today” newspaper.

Several days ago, regional authorities destroyed a monument to Soviet soldiers in Komarno and transferred the remains of soldiers from the mass grave to the old Polish cemetery.

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