Principals of eight universities in Dnepropetrovsk region resign from the Party of Regions

In Dnepropetrovsk region, Principals of higher education institutions resigned from the Party of Regions - a joint statement by eight Principals has been posted on the official websites of the region’s universities.

“The events that took place in Ukraine require each of us to critically rethink their civic position. With this in mind, we declare termination of our membership in the Party of Regions,” reads the statement.

The signatories are: Vladimir Bolshakov (Principal of the Pridneprovsky State Academy of Construction and Architecture), Alexander Velichko (Principal of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine), Georgiy Dziak (Principal of Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy), Anatoly Kobets (Principal of Dnepropetrovsk State Agrarian University), Nikolay Polyakov (Principal of Dnipropetrovsk Oles Gonchar’s National University), Alexander Pshin’ko (Principal of Dnepropetrovsk Academician Lazarian’s National University of Railway Transport), Natalia Redina (Principal of Dnepropetrovsk State Financial Academy), Viktor Savchenko (Principal of the Dnepropetrovsk State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports).

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