Crimean residents require autonomy and passport of the resident of the Crimea (Photo, video)

From early morning residents of the Crimea began to gather in front of the building of the parliament of the Crimea to defend the Republic. People came by themselves, driven by the call of their hearts.

The main requirements are an urgent session of the Supreme Council, return to the constitution of the autonomy of 1992, issuance of the passport of the republic to each person. There were appeals for total separation from Ukraine.

For about 40 minutes four thousand protesters demanded the Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov to come out to them and openly called the chair of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea Anatoliy Mogilev a traitor.

Some desperate people tried to attack the building of the parliament, but were stopped by the chain of the members of self-defense detachments, who cordoned off the parliament.

Konstantinov came out to people, and in the course of the short briefing assured that he would not leave the peninsula and will stay with residents of the Crimea till the end.

Then part of protesters went to the consulate of the Russian Federation and demanded Russia to protect the Crimea from the arbitrary rule of the new Kiev authorities.

It should be noted that another wave of demonstrators is expected to come to the parliament by the end of the working day.

At the same time Crimean deputies were called for the extraordinary session appointed for tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.

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