The fair Pancake Week opened on Privokzalnaya Square in Kharkov

The fair, dedicated to the celebration of Pancake Week, was opened in Kharkov on Privokzalnaya Square near the main entrance to Yuzhniy railway station. According to the organizers, the group "Kharkov on the hands", more than 50 pavilions, which sell food, clothing and other goods, for example, sweets with prophesies. One can have fun on the attractions for children and adults; in particular, one can shoot in a shooting range. The fair will be open from 10:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m. during the whole Pancake Week, which this year is from February 24 till March 2.

According to merchants, part of them are for the first time on the fair, and another part came here from the Freedom Square, which is now closed due to rallies. There were more customers on Freedom Square, as local residents got used to the fair and became permanent customers. There are a lot of people on the station as well, but there is a supermarket not far away, moreover, passengers, as a rule, are in a hurry for the train and have no time to estimate the benefits of this or that goods.

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