Bjorndalen lost his rifle

After the flight the baggage of the biathlonist was delivered to Zürich airport without his weapon.

Ole Einar Bjorndalen has already reported about the loss. The fact is that rifles for biathlonists are made to order, taking into consideration all the anthropometric data. "I registered the rifle on the stadium, and then I was informed that it was delivered to the airport," the most titled athlete in the history of the Winter Olympic Games said. "However, it was not in my luggage at Zürich airport, and I had to write a report about its loss. The loss of my weapon is a big concern for me. If the rifle is not found, it will be a serious problem for me."

After the Olympic Games Bjorndalen is preparing for the next phase of the World Cup, which begins on March 6 in Slovenia. This is the last season in the career of the biathlonist.

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