One of the leaders of the Right Sector came to the meeting of Rovno City Council with submachine gun (video)

The leader of Rovno Right Sector Alexandr Muzychko, known as Sashko Beliy, came to the meeting of the panel of the Rovno City Council with the Kalashnikov and knives.

Beliy stated that the Right Sector would stay armed, as long as there would be the threat to the Ukrainian statehood and people. He put on the table in front of the deputies the entire arsenal that he brought with him: the submachine gun and knives. He also told that he had a gun, but did not demonstrate it.

"If the authorities will behave not in a proper way we will cut them down to size. Do you think that something has changed? Nothing has changed," he said addressing the deputies.

The leader of the Right Sector demanded that the Communist Party and the Party of Regions would be prohibited in Rovno region.

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