The exhibition The Square of Freedom will be held in Kharkov's Yermilovcentre

The exhibition The Square of Freedom will open on March 4 in Kharkov's Yermilovcentre (Freedom Square, 4). According to the organizers, this project is dedicated to Kharkov avant-gardist artist Vasiliy Yermilov (on March 21 the 120th anniversary of his birthday will be celebrated) and to all the people, who can dream, create and change the world. The opening will be held at 6:00 p.m. The exhibition will last till March 27.

The Square of Freedom is a phrase that challenges us with its contradictory nature. It turns out that Freedom, the intangible and boundless notion has got a clear physical boundary - the square. And here the basic inconsistency of concepts of Freedom and Boundaries is more important than physical values or geographic coordinates that define the boundary of Freedom. This inconsistency became the norm not only for urban names, but also for the way of life of people. Freedom subordinated the limits; it was even placed within them, although freedom only begins beyond the limit of the known. Freedom is the process of crossing the border, going out into the unknown, into the blank. This is the movement from the well known to the unexplored, where one can create something new. The necessary energy for this process is given by the insight to the future and the desire to create it. Therefore the prerequisite for the process of freedom is the definition of a well-known. Every time, crossing this border and making free from the old experience, we feel the moment of freedom," the organizers of the exhibition note.

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