Ukrzaliznytsia plans to invest 3 billion UAH into its infrastructure

According to the press service of the State Administration of Railway Transport, Ukrzaliznytsia plans to direct 3.04 billion UAH for railway repairs in 2014, while the annual need for funding of railway infrastructure comprises 6.8 billion UAH.

Using this money the stuff of the railway will overhaul 341.4 km of the railway, will cover 571.3 km of the railway with mid-life repair, and will make complex renovation works of 365 km of the railway. It is also planned to reconstruct 325.7 km of main lines with putting of elongated rails of jointless ways. In addition, 155 kits of switches will be reconstructed, 115 kits will be replaced by new ones and 223 will be replaced for used ones. 422 kits need to be repaired.

It is also planned to equip 8 railway crossings with bus traffic with automatic traffic lights and to overhaul 90 crossings in 2014.

"In order to ensure the stable condition of the railway infrastructure approximately 800 km of the railway should be modernized and 1,000 km of the railway should be overhauled," the press-service informs. "The greatest trouble is overdue terms of capital repairs of the railway infrastructure, the condition of which influences speed and safety of movement of the trains."

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