Dobkin will run for President of Ukraine (photo, video)

The Kharkov Governor Mikhail Dobkin during the briefing in the hall of the City Council stated that he intended to run for President of Ukraine, it was his final decision and he was confident in his victory.  He also stressed that he did not intend to resign, but the position of the governor was not interesting for him anymore. Valentin Dulub will be the acting governor from tomorrow.

[video width="560" height="360" mp4="Михаил-Добкин-будет-баллотироваться-в-Президенты-Украины.mp4"][/video]

According to him, he had a meeting with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on February 21 (the congress of deputies of all levels, initiated by the Ukrainian Front, was held on that day in Kharkov). "We had a complicated conversation, which lasted for 3 hours. I will omit the details. I don't know where he is now."

Commenting on the situation of leaving Party of Regions by people's deputies, the governor noted that "unfortunately, today we witness the mass betrayal (I cannot call it otherwise) of people's deputies, who recently swore to defend interests and rights of those people, who entrusted them the high right to be people's deputies. Today to save themselves, for their own benefit, they changed their views and vote together with those, who are their total ideological opponents."

Dobkin stressed that he made the decision to run for President observing "the total arm-twisting of the rights of the Russian-speaking population; laws that jeopardize everybody, who do not accept fascism and Nazism, are adopted; operating on the premise that today there are calls to take the law into one's own hands and deal shortly with a lot of people, who think otherwise than people, who came to power."

According to him, he consults with different political forces that have similar points of view with him.

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