Kharkov center of tourism took the first place in all-Ukrainian contest

As reported by the State agency of Ukraine for tourism and resorts, Kharkov regional center of tourism  was recognized the best at the Ukrainian tourist contest. The second place was shared by Donetsk (“Tourist information center of Donetsk”) and Lvov (“Center of tourism development of Lvov”). The third place was given to Lutsk (“Center of tourism information and services”).

The contest was initiated by the Association of journalists "Tourism press-club of Ukraine", Public Council of the State Agency of Ukraine for tourism and resorts with the support of State tourism resort.

Kharkov regional tourism information center organized many activities.  4 exhibitions "Kharkov tourist biennial" are among them. Due to the activities of the Center the network of the major tourist sites in the region was outlined: "The Golden Circle of Slobozhanshchuna", bike itineraries marking-out, opening of the souvenir shop "Souvenirs of Slobozhanshchuna", the development of souvenir catalog, establishment of 3 tourism information stations in Kharkov and one in Paris in the culture and information center of the Embassy of Ukraine in France.

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