Yanukovych car park: one car smashed, another car is missing (video)

Yanukovych car park: one car smashed, another car is missing (video)

All collector cars in Yanukovych car park were signed - now, there is only a plate on the location of one of them. There are only three such cars in the world.

The most expensive $2,000,000 car disappears from Yanukovych car park.

After the garage manager came round to the residence, all antique cars were tagged with information signs, like in a museum. Such approach revealed a “shortage”, writes Avto-consulting magazine.


The disappeared car is Horch 855 Special Roadster. For ordinary motorists this name does not mean much. But it turned out that this was a crown jewel of Yanukovych collection. Even the museum of its manufacturer, Audi, takes pride in the vehicle. The carmaker produced only 7 such vehicles in the period from 1935 to 1939 (on the sign plate in the Yanukovych collection, the date is 1935). Such a car was driving the senior officials of Nazi Germany, for example, Hermann Goering, as AUTO-Consulting discovered. This model is considered the rarest in the history of Horch and Audi - only three vehicles survived to the present day, learned the magazine.


But even there, in the Audi museum, where this picture was taken, the car stands behind armoured glass as the museum rented the car for exhibition for 21 years. The sign plate in the Yanukovych collection specifies that the Horch 855 Special Roadster was manufactured in 1935. Experts doubt this, saying that it simply was the year when the car was presented at the Motor Show. The production years are 1936-1939, informs the Audi museum. It is likely that there is an error on the sign plate - or Yanukovych somewhere discovered the very first model of Horch 855, which means that he had the most valuable copy in the world.

When the first journalists were allowed in the Mezhygirya car park, the car has already gone. Horch 855 Special Roadster is also absent in Gostomel, where the second part of the Yanukovych collection was found. The car vanished.

Another expensive car, exclusive SUV of Alexander Yanukovych, was rolled out to display on the Maidan. An unknown grabbed a stick and started smashing the car.

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