Brzeziński: Ukrainian tycoons have to chip in a billion each to restore Ukraine

Civil War in Ukraine remains a possibility because of the position taken by the Crimea and eastern regions on Kiev events, writes Zbignev Brzeziński in The Financial Times. Brzezinski advises the West to prevent an “explosion of regional violence in Ukraine”.

In this endeavor, the EU should be a solid partner. But even more a burning problem for the EU is to develop an anti-crisis package for Ukraine. Brzeziński also advises to “‘convince’ the top ten Ukrainian tycoons, the main beneficiaries of rampant corruption, to donate $1 billion for the rehabilitation of the country.” “Son of Yanukovych, the fabulously-rich dentist, would certainly to contribute an amount commensurable with this $10 billion amount,” notes the author.

Brzeziński advises US and EU, preferably with the assistance of Russia, “to continue demanding the democratic forces in Kiev to take the position of national unity and political moderation.”

The author is convinced that Ukraine sooner or later will enter into a democratic Europe with Russia following the suit, “unless it isolates itself and becomes a semi-stagnant imperialistic relic.”

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