The monument to Lenin in Kharkov will not be demolished

The monument to Lenin in Kharkov will not be demolished. Such decision was made today by activists of Kharkov Euromaidan. According to them, this issue should be discussed by general public. It is possible, that the question of demolition of the monument will be discussed at the city council meeting on Wednesday, February 26.

Both pickets on Freedom Square near the building of the Kharkov Regional Administration (OGA) stay where they are. After the speech of the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes in front of his supporters, the distance between participants of both pickets was increased, activists of Antimaidan moved away from the building of Kharkov OGA.

In spite of the negotiations of Kernes and participants of Euromaidan, the building of the Kharkov OGA was not released. The activist of Maidan Dmitriy Pilipets stated that it will be done only when Kernes and the governor of the region Mikhail Dobkin will resign.

On February 22 during a rally on Freedom Square it was decided to demolish or remove the monument to Lenin not later than on February 25.

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