Ashton promised Kiev financial support

Having met in Kiev with the Ukrainian opposition, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton promised to provide Ukraine with financial loan under certain conditions.


Firstly, the opposition should stop a rebellion in the country and to preserve the integrity of Ukraine. The second condition was the nomination of the new government in a short time. The high representative intended to hear of changes in the next few days.


The head of the EU diplomacy also met the Chairman of the Party of regions Alexander Yefremov, who assured that the party had admited their mistakes and «adviced the current government not to repeat them». However, the new government did not affect the radically-minded citizens, he admitted.


After the dialogue, Alexander Yefremov said that the party members were under pressure. «Now we as the opposition has to work under the «gun shot». I do not think that it is a democracy,» the MP, according to the press service of the Party of regions, noticed.

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