Minister of UK goes to Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain William Hague is soon going to visit Ukraine. The Minister announced his plans in Washington at a meeting with U.S. Secretary John Kerry on February 24. The meeting in Washington also admitted the representatives of the International Monetary Fund. Discussing the recent events in Ukraine, policy agreed on providing the country with international financial support.


«In the financial sphere, Ukraine is now facing serious difficulties that can not be coped alone... In case of the Ukraine’s government request for the assistance, it can be easily provided. This requires a stable and legitimate government, ready to economic reform,» the English Minister said.


Earlier, on his Twitter page Hague wrote: «Spoked to Sikorski about Ukraine. Agreed international community needs to help Ukraine access vital financing for future stability».


And later: «Agreed with the German Minister Steinmeier today to support new government in Ukraine and push for vital IMF financial package».

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