“Vasilkovsky terrorists” released from custody

Activists of “Patriot of Ukraine” organization Mosiychuk Igor, Sergei Bevz and Vladimir Shpara who were sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to carry out an explosion in Kiev, have been released from custody, said Oleg Mohnitsky, Commissioner for monitoring the activities of the Prosecutor General, speaking at the parliamentary session.

“About the Vasilkovsky case - all three are released from custody,” said Mohnitsky.

On August 22, 2011, Ukraine’s Security Service detained activists of the “Patriot of Ukraine” in town of Vasilkov (Kiev region), who planned an explosion near the Lenin monument in the center of Boryspil (Kiev region) on the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence.

On August 26, Solomenskiy district court in Kiev arrested for two months the deputies of Vasilkov City Council Sergei Bevz and Igor Mosiychuk on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.

The “Patriot of Ukraine” said they are not related to inflammatory leaflets and explosives allegedly found in the office of the organization, and that those that were planted to trigger repressive crackdown against them.

On January 10, the court sentenced “Vasilkovsky terrorists” to six years' imprisonment.

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