Kharkov Regional State Administration is fully locked. Protesters demand resignations and dissolution of local councils (PHOTO)

Kharkov EuroMaidan finally blocked the work of Regional State Administrations. Protesters are located on the ground floor premises, the entrance to the other floors is blocked by Maidan Self-Defense. Near the entrance to the Kharkov Regional State Administration, there is an ongoing meeting in the “open mike” format.

For the whole day, Maidan supporters waited in vain for the announcement on resignation of the Kharkov governor Mikhail Dobkin. In the morning, Dobkin held a working meeting, instructing all employees to go home, and left the premises himself. By the end of the day, Maidan activists raised new demands - not only the resignation of Dobkin and the Kharkov mayor Gennady Kernes, but also the dissolution of local Councils.

Near the Lenin monument, opponents of its demolition continue their indefinite picketing. In the evening, near the monument there planned to be a big rally that will be attended by Dobkin and Kernes.

In general, the situation is relatively quiet. Protesters are divided by police cordons.

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