Small and Medium-sized Businesses Administration set up in Kharkov region

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the Kharkov region announced their self-organization in the light of recent developments. They believe that the small and medium business has a huge responsibility to the country and they should play a decisive role in the dynamics and competitiveness of the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, SME Administration of Kharkov region was established, according to Alexander Chumak, head of the Private Employers Association.

“To help to unlock its potential, the state should seek to promote entrepreneurship and create the most open business environment for small and medium businesses,” reads the statement posted on the website of the Association.

According to Alexander Chumak, Private Employers Association develops its own program of action and expects that the Ukrainian parliament and the Cabinet will follow it.

“We really want to ‘reboot the state’ are ready to join the upcoming reforms and able to draft a workable plan of action for small businesses. We are ready to mobilize resources for change, ready to become a major filler of the state coffers, ready to mobilize the best experts for the economic reforms,” said Chumak.

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