Protesters open Kharkov governor's office, Dobkin is out (PHOTO)

At 13.00, the ultimatum on immediate resignation given by the protesters to Kharkov governor Mikhail Dobkin has expired. Several representatives of the Kharkov EuroMaidan said that from this point on, there could be no protection guarantees to the governor. However, there is information that the ultimatum deadline has been postponed to 4 p.m.

Despite the statements of Kharkov Regional State Administration site that the Governor is in his work cabinet, the activists decided to check whether it is so. After a long debate, they decided to open the Dobkin’s office. EuroMaidan protesters together with journalists inspected and sealed the office; there are reports that in the courtyard of the Administration, protesters stopped a bus that was taking out the personal belongings of the governor.

Governor Deputies Valentin Dulub and Vasili Homa accused the protesters of violating the agreements on freeing the Administration premises. All administrative staff has left their positions. Dulub said Dobkin is thinking about whether to resign.

Near the Lenin monument, opponents of its demolition continue their indefinite picketing. They installed barricades and fencing around the monument, field kitchens and mobile first aid points.

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