Schools, kindergartens and public utilities of Kharkov operate according to the schedule

On February 24 the director of the Department of Education of Kharkov City Council Olga Demenko reported that all schools, kindergartens and out-of-school institutions (clubs and groups) of Kharkov work in normal mode.  According to her, the Department of Education checks attendance of educational institutions every day.  According to the received information, today 90% of children attend the classes.

"In spite of the difficult situation in the country, the system of education in Kharkov works smoothly. Parents should not worry. We provide the educational process and safety of children: every school has security officers and alarm buttons," Demenko noted.

The director of the Department of Public Utilities Victor Kitanin informed that public utilities of Kharkov also operate according to the schedule.

"The situation is stable. All the enterprises (Kharkovvodokanal, Kharkovskie Teplovye Seti, Gorsvet, Ritual, and Kharkovzelenstroy) operate as usually. Kharkov residents have hot and cold water, as well as heat in their homes. Emergency services also operate in normal mode, quickly eliminating breakups of communications. It should be noted that I asked heads of companies, which have strategic objects (Kharkovvodokanal and Kharkovskie Teplovye Seti) to intensify security of these objects to avoid any acts of hooliganism," Kitanin emphasized.

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