The science-fiction writer Lukyanenko prohibited translating his books into Ukrainian

The writer Sergey Lukyanenko prohibited translating his books into Ukrainian. The well-known science-fiction writer made a statement in his LiveJournal that he would also not go to Ukraine and participate in Ukrainian conventions because of the events on Maidan. He called on his colleagues to do the same.

In addition, Lukyanenko addressed Ukrainian science-fiction writers. He did not name them, but noted that addressees of his appeal know who he is talking about.

"Glorify fighters of Maidan and bring them pasties, you fools. But, if at least one of the writers, who glorified Maidan and protesters, who writes in Russian and is published in Russia, will want to visit Russian conventions, I will mind," the science-fiction writer stated.

He also stated that he would do his utmost to prevent their publication on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The writer advised all the "normal Ukrainians" to leave to Russia or Belarus, as since now Ukraine, in his opinion, "is a cursed land, which will rid itself of its meanness and cowardice during three generations."

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