Avakov and Nalivaichenko landed in the Crimea for “peace talks”

Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, Commissioner for Ukraine’s Security Service operations Valentin Nalivaichenko and People’s Deputy from the UDAR party Sergei Kunitsyn urgently left Kiev for the Crimea, arriving there about 10 pm last night. In the airport, the Kiev delegation was met the head of the Crimea Interior Ministry Valery Radchenko.

Avakov and Nalivaichenko stated that they arrived to the peninsula with a “very short working visit for the peace talks”.

“We did promise to work on trust, in another way. Promised to all sides that that the events will be peaceful. Moreover, we would like to show that there should be no panic. No special measures are necessary, the country is returning to the peace,” said Nalivaichenko.

“The country is returning to the path of peaceful dialog,” added Avakov.

Answering the question on the Sevastopol situation, where today the city residents announced the appointment of their own civic authority, the SSU Commissioner said, “Sevastopol situation has calmed down... Local law enforcement authorities, and other bodies, should reassure everyone.”

"It is very important not to provoke anyone. The situation is, to prevent the pattern of confrontation, as in Kiev, when the authorities went against the people. I think, through a peaceful dialog we can bring everything to a standstill,” added Avakov

Some experts assert that the fact of Sergei Kunitsyn being present in the delegation means that he can change the current Prime Minister of the Autonomy Anatoly Mogilev.

“Crimea is ours”, I’ve just been told by one of the deputies from the former opposition who flew to Simferopol together with Avakov,” said journalist Sergei Pavlov on his Facebook page.

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