UFO or scouting plane? Russian experts ponder over what they saw

An unknown heavy, military-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flew over the Ulyanovsk sky on February 17, and disappeared from radar screens. The incident is being investigated by Privolzhskoe District Administration of Rosaviatsiya Federal Air Transport Agency, wrote Kommersant newspaper on Monday.

According to the newspaper, an unknown aircraft suddenly appeared in the skies over Ulyanovsk suburb Arkhangelskoe (regulated area of aircraft operations near Barataevka Airport) in the morning on February 17, RIA Novosti reported.

On noticing on the radar screen the dangerous advance of the object with two aircrafts of DOSAAF flying club that were training in the area, air traffic controller ordered the pilot to change the course and altitude immediately. After the banking of the sport aircrafts, the drone continued flying towards Penza and after some time disappeared from radar screens.

Ulyanovsk Air Traffic Information Center officially confirmed to the newspaper that the incident did take place but declined further comments. Special commission has been set up that is investigating the incident, learned the newspaper from Alexandr Netreba, Deputy Chief of the Privolzhskoe Interregional Territorial Administration of Rosaviatsiya.

“So far there is no data except for the information from controller and pilot. Within ten days, the Commission will provide its findings, and then we will decide what to do next,” quotes him the edition.

Head of Ulyanovsk DOSAAF Flight Club Vladimir Dvoryaninov told the newspaper, “a deep and serious investigation into the incident is required.”

"It's abnormal when such an object filled with God knows what, sweeps at such a speed over almost a million-strong city in Ulyanovsk airport flight zone, where airliners were landing at the time,” quotes him the edition.

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