Poles expelling Ukrainian ambassador

Civil protest action was held under the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland on Sunday. A petition was handed over to ambassador. He is accused of violating the electoral rights of the Polish Ukrainians in support of the former President.

This information was shared with UNIAN news agency by Natalia Panchenko, one of the activists, who noted that on Sunday the Ambassador personally received a letter during the rally outside the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw.

“Given that only you declared your position on civic protests in Ukraine only on February 22, given that three months you ignored our presence outside the Embassy and considering the vote count in the foreign district of Poland during the last elections, we want to express you a no confidence vote and demand your immediate resignation,” reads the document.

Panchenko noted that the protesters booed the diplomat when he began to make excuses and argue that he had condemned the Ukrainian authorities before.

Authors of the letter note that the ambassador came out to the protesters only once though the protests began in November 2013; he also failed to sign released in February statement of the diplomats in support of Maidan.

In addition, noted in the letter, Embassy of Ukraine in Poland during the last elections “violated the constitutional right of Ukrainians” by asking for residence permit and registration in Poland, apart from Ukrainian passport.

“We also ask the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will appoint the Ambassador and other members of Ukrainian diplomatic corps, to remember the principle of diplomatic service used in countries around the world, which sets on average four years for the standard cadence at a diplomatic post in the same place. In Poland, there are many employees who stay here many years, which may be a hindrance to a healthy climate in diplomatic structures of Ukraine,” the statement reads.

Panchenko added that several thousand people attended the Sunday action in Warsaw.

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