Washington promised to influence the Ukrainian opposition

RF Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov initiated a telephone conversation on Ukraine with U.S. Secretary John Kerry. The American side promised to use the levers to influence on the opposition.


During the conversation, Lavrov outlined the inability or unwillingness of the opposition forces to respect the agreements reached at the meeting with the authorities of Germany, France and Poland. «The situation in the country has sharply declined. Illegal extremist groups refuse to surrender their weapons and effectively taken Kiev under control with the connivance of the opposition leaders, who now rule in the Verkhovna Rada», Lavrov said.


John Kerry shared the concern of the Russian Foreign Minister, admitting the failure of the opposition of their part of the obligations, and promised to take additional measures to ensure the realization of the reached agreements.


Previously, leaders of the opposition factions Vitaliy Klychko and Arseniy Yatsenyuk held a round table with the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland.

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