“All’s finished with Yanukovych” - Alexander Dugin

Viktor Yanukovych, having refused to appear at today's Congress of deputies from the southeast hosted in Kharkov, essentially terminated his future political career. This opinion was presented live on “Russia” TV channel by Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin.

“All is finished with Yanukovych. With Yanukovych - that’s it,” he said. “Now’s the start of the most severe outcome, the Nazi dictatorship.”

The expert believes that there is a threat of “genocide of half of the Ukrainian population.”

“Moscow must directly support the East and the Crimea, the way we saved from genocide Abkhazians and Ossetians. Only they (East and the Crimea) are closer to us, even closer to many nations within the Russian Federation,” says the Russian political scientist.

“This is a nationalist revolution with the US support," - described Dugin what’s going on in Kiev. “War, blood and partition of Ukraine is inevitable,” summed up the Russian expert.

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