CEC is ready for early presidential elections, no funding

According to the Central Election Commission Chair Michail Ohendovsky, resolution of Ukrainian parliament on the appointment of early presidential elections is enough for CEC to start fulfilling the decision.

“The electoral process for such elections will begin early next week. The key issue of concern that must be addressed for the elections to go through is the funding from the state Budget of Ukraine, as in 2014 there are no relevant provisions for the CEC. That is, there is a need to amend the Budget law,” said Ohendovsky.

However, he was at loss naming the amount required for the elections.

As previously reported, on February 22 the Verkhovna Rada passed a resolution about the disengagement of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych from fulfilling constitutional obligations and appointed early Presidential elections on May 25 this year. The resolution was upheld by 328 deputies.

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