Kharkov Congress is over, it's rally time (updated with a resolution)

Members of the Congress of deputies at all levels, initiated by “Ukrainian Front”, which was held in Kharkov, adopted a resolution and closed the event. According to Kharkov governor Mikhail Dobkin, members of the Congress Presidium are going to speak at the rally, which gathered in front of the Sports Palace.

The main points of the resolution:

- Local governments at all levels decided to take responsibility for maintaining order and security and the rights of citizens in their territories until constitutional order , rule of law and the work of the central authorities is restored.

- Regional and district councils are instructed to withdraw the powers delegated to the executive bodies.

- To consider appointments to the posts at sessions of the regional councils.

- Delegates appealed to law enforcement bodies to ensure the cooperation with local authorities and recommended population to self-organize and communicate with law enforcement authorities in the field.

- Delegates addressed the People's Deputies asking them to return to the districts and work there until security guarantees are restored.

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