Kharkov is getting ready for the Congress initiated by “Ukrainian Front”

Kharkov is getting ready to welcome the Congress of deputies of all levels from the south-eastern regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, initiated by the Ukrainian Public Union “Ukrainian front”. The congress will start at the Sports Palace at 12.00.

The police already cordon the surrounding streets. Just now, journalists of two local TV channels, “Triolan” and regional TV and radio station, were allowed through; they will provide live broadcast.

Service dogs and police officers with mine detectors are checking everyone entering the Sports Palace.

In front of the Sports Palace there is a large stage covered with red cloth. There are signs reading “Ukrainian Front” and “Kharkov - 2014”, as well as St. George Ribbon, which has been declared a symbol of the organization. In the square in front of the Sports Palace the authorities plan to stage a rally in support of the Congress.

Delegations from Crimea and Lugansk region have already arrived to the Congress.

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