Maidan Self-Defense fully controls the government quarter

Maidan protesters entered the Ukrainian parliament and the Presidential Administration, said Maidan Commandant, People’s Deputy Andrei Parubiy talking from the stage. He also assured that Maidan now controls entire Kiev.

“The seventh hundred is inside the parliament. In addition, there is a squad of the “Right Sector”. The Cabinet of Ministers is under protection. The nineteenth and third hundreds are guarding the Presidential Administration. Fifteenth hundred guards the Interior Ministry,” quotes UNIAN his briefing.

Parubiy also noted that the security structures can join the patrols.

“We told the police that they can join the Maidan side and we are ready for joint patrolling. But they should use blue and yellow ribbons,” stressed Parubiy.

“We have enough blue and yellow ribbons, and we know that there are many decent people. Ask, and we will give you the ribbons and will work together to ensure order in Kiev,” said the Maidan Commandant.

He also assured that Maidan now controls entire Kiev, UNIAN reports.

“For us, it is important to show that when Kiev under the control of the Maidan, the order in the capital will be on highest level, like never before,” summed up Parubiy.

According to him, military headquarters in the building on 24, Khreschatyk Street takes over the control of the city and announces that we will not tolerate any actions without its approval.”

On evening of February 21, a speech of UDAR faction leader Vitali Klitchko was stopped by one of Maidan centurions. He got up to the stage and announced that if President Viktor Yanukovych does not resign by 10 am on February 22, the people launch an armed offensive. Those on Maidan vigorously applauded to this statement.

Also, the leaders of the three opposition factions signed on February 21 a crisis resolution agreement with President Viktor Yanukovych. According to the opposition, this was done in order to avoid a split and further bloodshed in Ukraine.

Thereafter, the Ukrainian parliament adopted on the fly a number of decisions lobbied by the opposition: a return to the 2004 Constitution (with its subsequent reform), retiring of the Interior Minister Vitali Zakharchenko, amnesty for protesters and state aid to victims and bereaved families of the protesters.

The parliament also approved a law paving the way for release from prison of Yulia Timoshenko, former prime minister and leader of the “Batkivschyna” party.

The protesters’ demand for the immediate resignation of Yanukovych was not satisfied. Yanukovych agreed to hold early elections in December.

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