Ukrainian tycoon warns Kharkov Mayor about separatism

Ukrainian tycoon, owner of the "1 +1" TV channel and a number of enterprises in the southeast of Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoyskyi made an unusually frank statement addressed to the Head of Kharkov Regional State Administration.

“In my native Dnipropetrovsk separatism is bound to fail. Separatism will fail in all south-eastern regions of our country. I want all politicians to take a sober look at the situation, and form their position strictly in the light of the Constitution and the Criminal Code of Ukraine. These who try to go against the unity of Ukraine, they will certainly lose,” he said in interview to media outlet.

“And I want to refer specifically to one person, Kharkov Mayor Mr Kernes. Gennady Adol’fovich, I consider the fact of you personally opening the “Ukrainian Front” as a misunderstanding. You will get the moral right to command the front and lead it into battle when you yourself go through combat training, instead of cycling, and when you start to risk your live or the lives of your loved ones. You can circulate separatist statements only if you send your son on a trip to Dagestan or the Volgograd rail station rather than to the Maldives - let him look and share experiences. Maybe this will sober your very hot head. God forbid you look into the eyes of mothers whose sons cannot return from the front you organized. Ukraine has never waged wars of conquest, but we will not give up an inch of our land either. Mr Kernes, if you start playing the destinies of millions of people, you can seriously complicate your own already difficult destiny. Think about it,” said Kolomoysky.

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