SSU: Preparation of antiterror operations stopped

Preparation for conducting the antiterror operation in Ukraine is stopped.


«On the basis of activities undertaken in the state to regulate the social crisis and the political dialogue, in accordance with legislation of the Ukrainian Security Service, it was decided to lower the degree of readiness of the fight agents against terrorism, which was introduced on February 19 this year».


«Its consequence is the termination of preparation for the anti-terror operation», was said in a statement posted on the official website of the office on Friday 21 of February.


On February 20 the Verkhovna Rada had adopted the resolution «On condemning the use of violence, which led to the death of people». The resolution imposed a taboo for conducting the anti-terror operation in Ukraine.


The SSU has confirmed the readiness to protect the interests of citizens of Ukraine within the limits defined by the legislation.

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