Klitschko told why Yanukovych won’t resign

An opposition representative Vitaliy Klitschko named an ultimatum on impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovych «a big mistake». The «Overthrow» of the President is irrealistic and wrong. Ones need to gradually take measures for the existing power voluntarily left.


«He (Yanukovich) won't resign, it is irrealistic. You need to think about the concrete steps», Klitschko said from the stage in Maidan of Independence.


In addition, in response to perturbations of protesting crowds because of the grip the hand of Yanukovych by oppositionist, Klitschko apologized: «If I've offended anybody, I'm sorry, but I did everything to win. Believe me, it wasn't pleasant. I do everything sincerely, I do everything that depends on me no blood was shed. I do everything so that this gang is gone».


Klitschko had been able to speak only after one of the leader of Maidan announced of the ultimatum to President Yanukovych refuse presidency until 10 a.m. on February 22, threatening him with an armed revolt.

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