Russian $2 billion transfer of stoped - Ukraine cancelled its Eurobonds auction

The Ukrainian Eurobonds were excluded from the listing of the Irish stock exchange.


Irish stock exchange (ISE) announced that decision of inclusion to the listing of two-year Ukrainian Eurobonds in the volume of 2 billion dollars. under 5% per annum from February, 17th, 2014 to 2015 was wrong, and is now abolished out of the listing. The admission to trading on Eurobondsis not given.


The escalation of violence on the streets of Kiev and other cities of Ukraine also provoked a massive rejection of investors from the Ukrainian eurobonds.


According to the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, the issue of repurchase of Ukrainian bondholders remains open due to the significant worsening of internal political situation in Ukraine and the escalation of violence in the country.

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