Financial Times: Ukrainian crisis impacts on Russia and Poland

To assess the possible consequences of the crisis in Ukraine, a journalist of the Financial Times Timothy Ash found that Russia and Poland will appear in a particularly vulnerable position.


It is known that half of Russian gas exports pass through the territory of Ukraine. If Ukraine will experience a civil war and because of this gas transit will be disturbed, then it can become a serious blow for Russia.


Russia now has a bad image among investors – investments from abroad are weak, and leak of the internal capital remains strong and the feeling that Russia is interfering the Ukrainian crisis, hardly improves the investors impression, Ash thinks.


In addition, according to some data, Ukraine has outstanding debts to the Russian banks, worth about $ 30 billion. Of course, in comparison with the budget of Russia and its foreign exchange reserves this «trifle», Ash recognizes, and the Kremlin is possible regards the monetary loss as «likely to consider a small investment that can make sense».

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