According to Kharkov Governor, protesters wielding firearms must be destroyed

Kharkov Regional State Administration chair Mikhail Dobkin is certain that anti-terrorist operation should cover all of Ukraine. He stated this much during a hotline in the office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine” newspaper.

“What needed now, whilst there is a minimal opportunity to restore order in the country, is to take harsh, radical actions. We need to make a decision on introduction of anti-terrorist operation throughout the country. Today, there are no peaceful protesters at the Maidan. Civilians have long gone from there saving their lives. There are only people who are wielding arms protecting themselves, because they have done so much already that the next 20 years they have to spend in prison. It is useless to negotiate with them. They must be disarmed, and those who will provide armed resistance and kill people - physically destroyed. I am scared to say this, but this is the current situation in our country,” said the Governor.

He added that at proper time, some government institutions should have been moved to Kharkov. “I once said that Kiev as a place of governance has already exhausted itself. A number of state institutions should be moved outside of Kiev city boundaries. Kharkov is most suited for this. Because, first of all, we were the capital once. Secondly, here we have appropriate buildings, facilities. Thirdly, there are enough people who can work in state bodies and separate institutions of state power could have comfortably and quickly adapted to the new conditions. But now all this talk is useless. Because many state institutions in Kiev do not work, they are physically destroyed,” said Dobkin.

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