The Interior Minister signed the order granting law enforcers the right to shoot

As part of the work of Security Service Counter-terrorist Center, acting Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko signed the order granting law enforcement agencies combat weapons.

Relevant statement has been posted on the web site of the Ministry.

“Today, sight shooting from military weapons has been opened on police officers. 29 law enforcement officers have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds, there are dead, while the total count of the victims is several dozens. Several of our employees are captured as the police were on duty to maintain public order, without firearms,” reads the statement.

Law enforcement officers regard the actions of extremists as obvious aggression and an attempt to shift responsibility for what is happening to law enforcement agencies.

“The Interior Ministry demands that extremists voluntarily surrender their weapons and return within the framework of peaceful protest. Opposition leaders and representatives who are able to soberly assess the situation - to dissociate themselves from the radicals and do not support them,” said the Minister.

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