Russian Foreign Minister called the Ukrainian clashes a coup d’état attempt

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the recent events in Ukraine are the attempt of violent seizure of power.

Lavrov stated this during a press conference after the third ministerial round of strategic dialog between Russia and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in Al-Kuwait, informs the Foreign Ministry.

“What is happening in Ukraine is of deepest concern. Regretfully, all the agreements reached when Ukrainian leadership shown its goodwill, willingness to seek compromises and fulfilled its part of the obligations, were thwarted by opposition radicals who organized a “march” to the Ukrainian parliament. When, for obvious reasons, they weren’t allowed through (the action was unauthorized), they began to throw “Molotov cocktails” at the police and used firearms. As you know, there is already a large number of dead and injured. There are reports that these radicals have not only firearms, but also grenade launchers. All this is very serious. Efforts continue to capture administration buildings, prosecutors offices, police, military units,” said Lavrov.

In his opinion, Russia cannot characterize it anything else but an attempt to coup-d’etat and a violent seizure of power.

“Certainly, the fault is on the extremists who are all these weeks and months sought to bring the situation to a military scenario. Serious share of the responsibility lies with the opposition members, who refused to compromise, posed demands that lie outside the legal framework, and eventually were unable to honor their commitments, including in the parliament,” said Lavrov.

Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia would support any form of outside assistance to resolve the current government crisis in Ukraine within the Ukrainian constitutional framework.

“But, I repeat, the decision rests with the authority and the opposition, representing a certain part of the population in the parliament,” said Lavrov.

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