Kharkov subway denies explosions

Today the media has repeatedly circulated information about explosions at various stations of Kharkov subway. Administration of Ukraine Emergency Service in Kharkov region and press service of the municipal enterprise “Kharkov Subway” denied this, stating that “someone is spreading panic in the city”.

As reports the official site of the subway, “due to frequent requests, we’d like to confirm that the Kharkov Subway fully performs its functions regarding safe transportation of passengers. The subway operates every day from 5:30 to 24:00.”

The incident that provided impetus for the rumors was this morning’s fall of two intoxicated young people on the rails at the “Tractorny Factory” subway station. According to Anatoly Odnorogov, Deputy General Director of Kharkov Subway on operations, “when train moving in the direction of “Proletarskaya” entered the station, a young man and a woman, holding hands, jumped under a train when it was five meters away from them. The driver applied emergency braking, immediately disconnecting the contact rail from voltage.” Young people were lucky, says the Deputy General Director - in the fall, they fell into a sewage duct and were unharmed by rolling elements of the train.

“The whole operation from the moment of the jump to resumption of the traffic took three or four minutes. Once the contact rail was de-energized, the driver crawled to the victims, who were under the second car, and pulled out first the girl, then a young man, handing them over to the subway security. The people had no visible damage - the girl was limping, the guy had a bump on the head. Both were in a state of shock, however, the driver did not detect any smell of alcohol,” noted Anatoly Odnorogov.

According to him, the girl said that the couple decided to commit suicide because of the lack of money and frustration about life. The victims look about 30 years old. According to them, they live in a dorm.

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