Orthodox Church mourns the dead

The temples of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate will hold memorial services, said the procurator, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Borispol and Brovary. His Grace stressed that the negotiating process should be immediately resumed.

“We pray for the repose of the souls of all those whose lives were cut short in these tragic days. Now these people have appeared before God and need our prayer support. Among the dead there are protesters, law enforcers, and those who are innocent victims of violence happening on the streets of Kiev. We pray for them all, because all are equal for the Church. We are all children of God, we are all created by One Creator, and all stand before Him on the day of the last judgment,” said Metropolitan Anthony in comments to UNIAN news agency.

“These days, we also express our condolences to all those who lost their loved ones. We ask our Lord and Saviour to give His almighty help to all families that met the trouble today. Church also prays for all those who were wounded, for all who are in hospitals and whose lives are now in the hands of doctors,” said the procurator in comments to UNIAN.

Metropolitan Anthony stressed that the Church once again calls on all parties to stop the violence and bloodshed.

“Now, when the whole country is mourning for the dead, is not the time to talk pompous speeches. Now is the time when you have to listen to the silence of your heart, and from there, from the heart, raise the hot and sincere prayer to God to enlighten us, to give us the strength to make a step towards reconciliation,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

His Grace stressed that the negotiating process should be immediately resumed.

“We're not on the edge, we have gone beyond. We looked into the terrible face of death. We must all remember that our life will end some day and we all stand before God. What we will take into eternity? If Ukraine falls into the abyss of a fratricidal war, it will be our common guilt.

Let’s follow our hearts, lest it is captured by hatred, aggression or desire for revenge. Let’s stop to save the country, to restore peace. May the Lord give us the strength to endure this difficult test,” concluded the procurator.

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