Ministry of Revenue and Duties urges protesters to unblock the checkpoint on the Polish border

Ukraine’s Ministry of Revenue appeals to protesters to unblock the Krakovets checkpoint on Ukrainian-Polish border. The protesters build barricades of burning tires, which caused a complete stop of any passenger and freight traffic through this section of the border.

Obstruction of customs posts creates force majeure for those companies and businesses that have advance planning for their international traffic. Accordingly, this may lead to a breach of logistic schedules, difficulties in execution of contracts with contractors, resulting in huge losses for the enterprises in the region.

In addition, suspension of customs posts operation threatens normal delivery mode of goods and supplies to a number of border areas and settlements in Western Ukraine; these goods are necessary for life support of local communities in the region.

Considering that the average daily traffic at Krakovets checkpoint reaches about 2,000 passenger cars and 500 trucks, blocking its work causes inconvenience to Ukrainians, limiting their options to free entry and exit through the western border of Ukraine.

Currently the Ministry recommends Ukrainians who need to enter Poland to take advantage of other checkpoints - Shigeni and Rava-Russka, currently working in emergency mode.

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