Head of Khmelnitsky Regional Council leaves the Party of Regions, Chernovtsy Governor - resigns

Chair of Khmelnitsky Regional Council Nicholai Derikot has left the Party of Regions. He declared to the protesters outside the Regional State Administration his support of the demands of the people and wrote statement of withdrawal from the PR right in front of them. About five thousand people were protesting near the regional administration. In parallel the protesters storm the building of the regional Security Service on the Teatralna Street in Khmelnitsky.

Head of Chernovtsy Regional State Administration Michail Papiev under pressure of protesters outside the RSA building wrote his resignation. The rally gathered about two thousand people; some activists entered the building and forced Papiev to face the people. Papiev wrote the resignation letter in exchange for guarantees of non-violence and non-seizure of government buildings in the region.

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