Russia’s Foreign Ministry: Opposition leaders must stop the bloodshed in the country

Russia’s Foreign Ministry called on Ukrainian opposition leaders to end the bloodshed in the country and to resume dialog with the legitimately elected government. The corresponding statement has been posted on the official website of the Ministry.

People were killed and injured last night as a result of the criminal actions of radical opposition in Ukraine, notes the statement of the Russians.

Including both from the civilian side and the law enforcers’ side, who were performing their duty and ensuring law and order during the riots.

“In the western regions of Ukraine, the situation deteriorated to capturing the buildings of the police, prosecutors and military units. Angry thugs beat the policemen and soldiers, dozens of whom were injured. In fact, this is about trying to violently seize the power,” reads the statement.

The statement goes on to express disturbance about the lack of reaction to the extremists riots from the opposition leaders, the so-called “supporters of democracy”. Also, for some reason, there is no clear response from the European Union representatives, who “refuse to recognize that the responsibility for the actions of radical forces in Ukraine lies on the opposition.”

The Russian side demands from opposition leaders to stop the bloodshed, to resume dialog with the legitimate authority and to abandon threats and ultimatums.

“Ukraine is Russia's friend and brotherly nation, a strategic partner, and we will use all our influence to establish peace and tranquility on this country,” reads the statement the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

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