Bjørndalen is the most decorated “winter athlete” ever

Norway team won the biathlon mixed relay competition. Medals were given to Tora Berger, Tiril Eckhoff, Emil Hegle Svendsen and Ole Einar Bjørndalen. This was the eighth Olympic gold for the veteran of world biathlon.

The same number of Winter Games gold medals was held by only one other man, a Norway skier Bjørn Erlend Dæhlie. But Bjørndalen is ahead of his countryman by the total number of medals: 13 against 12. This means that the legendary biathlete is the most decorated athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics.

This was the first time the mixed relay competition held at the Olympic Games. Silver went to athletes from the Czech Republic. Bronze was awarded to Italian team. Ukrainians took 8th place, losing almost 3 minutes to the winners.

The victory propelled Norway to clean first place in the medal standings. They now have nine gold medals, the Germans - 8.

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